Susan Frederick-Gray giving sermon

Spiritually Vital

We need to invest in nurturing spiritually vital communities that teach us how to grow our hearts for deeper courage and compassion.

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Susan Frederick-Gray at rally against tent city jail

Grounded in Relationship

Through partnership and witness, we offer the world a model of faith that shows up and is lived in our hands and feet, our hearts and minds.

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General Assembly rally and vigil protesting tent city jail

Organized for Impact

We need to be organized for impact so that our energy, our faith and our resources are powerfully focused on amplifying our values.

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Rev. John Dorhauer

General Minister and President of the United Church of Christ

Susan is a remarkable leader. She brings a combination of gifts that equip her well to lead this Association. She has a compassionate heart which derives from a spiritual connection to her community, to her Sacred, to the Earth. She walks gently in the world because she recognizes the value of all living things. She is a deep thinker with the intellectual capacity to see complexity, to analyze nuance, to anticipate consequence, and to envision outcome. She inspires others to bring their best for the sake of a cause or a movement worth showing up for. She is present with voice, courage and conviction on the margins, speaking truth to power in love in order to destabilize systems founded by injustice and feeding on the poor and marginalized. She creates safe spaces for others to enter with their whole self – not just the parts that the powerful want and expect. She knows what an association like the UUA brings in partnership to a larger movement of change-makers called to create a new kind of human community where all are valued and the common good is served; and she will do everything in her power to realize the full capacity and potential of this remarkable denomination as an agent for social transformation. It would be an honor for me to serve alongside this gifted, this visionary, and this spiritual leader as we do all that we can to bring peace, justice, and spiritual health and vitality to a world and a country so much in need of these very things.
Barbara Gadon

Barbara Gadon

Lead Minister, Eliot Unitarian Chapel

I have admired Rev. Susan’s ministry for a long time, but especially for her leadership of the Justice General Assembly of 2012: she showed us what was possible for our movement. She listens well. She communicates clearly her considerable heart and mind. She inspires action. Her combination of practical savvy, plus her passion for faith are exactly what we need now.

Roger Jones

Senior Minister, UU Society of Sacramento

I’ve known Susan for 20 years and am thrilled for our Association that she’s running for UUA President. She is a skilled administrator and loving pastor. As a leader, she is both practical and visionary, grounded and passionate. Susan’s approach is relational and her work is mission-driven. She knows we need organizational clarity and financial generosity to stay vital as a movement, and she brings a proven track record in fundraising and church growth. Moreover, as a true ally, Susan has modeled how to learn from and stand with local justice leaders and interfaith colleagues. Her courage and compassion inspire me and give me hope. As we face troubling times and uncertainty about the future, Susan’s depth of experience, spiritual grounding, maturity, scholarship and passion are just what we need.



Best of luck, Susan! ... See MoreSee Less

This is great, Susan, and best of luck to you. ... See MoreSee Less

You bet!! I'm a supporter of Susan's bid for the UUA Presidency! She's smart, committed, strategic, and has the leadership qualities to lead us with dignity, care, and love into the future! ... See MoreSee Less

Thank you all for your support!

Fun Fact about Susan for UUA President

1. Umpire for little league and softball
2. Law firm office staff
3. Pizza delivery driver
4. Restaurant cook
5. DNA Sequencing Specialist
6. Research Supervisor for a group completing the unigene set of Asperigillus
7. Student Minister of Religious Education
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Thank you, Ian, for sharing this memory from 6 years ago - before we went out to shut down the Maricopa County Jail to stop the enforcement of SB 1070.  I remember being gathered - our small group in prayer - before our action. It has been said courage is not something you have, it is something you do. May we all be inspired to more courage, more love, more resilience and more leadership - for it is so needed.
Feeling renewed by the theme of Active Hope at Family Camp this week. Heres to another wonderful day at Family Camp at DeBenneville Pines!