Susan Frederick-Gray giving sermon

Spiritually Vital

We need to invest in nurturing spiritually vital communities that teach us how to grow our hearts for deeper courage and compassion.

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Susan Frederick-Gray at rally against tent city jail

Grounded in Relationship

Through partnership and witness, we offer the world a model of faith that shows up and is lived in our hands and feet, our hearts and minds.

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General Assembly rally and vigil protesting tent city jail

Organized for Impact

We need to be organized for impact so that our energy, our faith and our resources are powerfully focused on amplifying our values.

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Rev. Bret Lortie

Senior Minister, Unitarian Church of Evanston

Susan has captured the rising voice of Unitarian Universalism. Her ministry has cultivated deep connections with interfaith partners, allied justice organizations, and our many UU groups working for a world more whole. As president of the association, her vitality and spirit will carry us to the place toward which we’ve been marching so long — a fulfilled promise of unity and power that makes a positive difference for humanity.

Rev. Sara LaWall

Minister, Boise UU Fellowship

Susan connects with people deeply-she sees them. She welcomed me into her pulpit with love and I was so impressed and moved by her role in Justice GA.

Rev. Kurt Kuhwald

Community Minister, Oakland, CA

I have appreciated Rev. Frederich-Gray’s social justice work, her passionate soul, and warm heart for years. I vote yes.



Thank you, Bret Lortie, for your endorsement! I look forward to visiting the Unitarian Church of Evanston on October 1st and 2nd! I havent been to the congregation since my days as a youth leader for YRUU conferences!
Thank you Megan Lloyd Joiner for your warm welcome to two fabulous leaders at the UU Congregation of Phoenix! I knew they would enjoy worshipping with your congregation! In their own words What a wonderful, welcoming congregation. If we couldnt be at The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix, this was a great option. Thanks to Rev. Megan Lloyd Joiner and Congregation - we felt at home. — with Terry Lockwood at Unitarian Society of New Haven.

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Michael Lee Henry RichardsonI lost detail of how to order shirts for my candidate for UUA President . . .anyone know?

2 weeks ago

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Thank you, Jacqueline Duhart and Mary Foran for your support, endorsement and wonderful hospitality at the First Unitarian Church of Oakland!
Thank you to Rev. Leslie Takahashi and all the fine leaders and members at Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church in Walnut Creek for the hospitality and warm welcome. I was moved by the Water Communion story and inspired by the thoughtful and insightful questions about the future of our faith. #SFG4UUA

Thank you, Glen and Terry Lockwood for taking the campaign on the road! So glad you got to see so many UU congregations in New England. Isn't it a JOY to see our faith all over the country? What a beautiful congregation of Greater Lynn. ... See MoreSee Less

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Kathy RiserI attended Springthink in 1968 at the Lynn UU church, which, if I remember correctly. Was a Gothic cathedral.

3 weeks ago

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Collecting love stories from the First Unitarian Church in Oakland, CA. Some of the hearts read: Fusion Based, Love Centered, & powered Justice Unconditional Love; Less Individualism - More Community; All Who Seek Are Welcomed;
While I am visiting UU Congregations in Northern California, my husband, Rev. Brian Frederick-Gray, is meeting with leaders in the Christian Church Disciples including Rev. Dr. William Barber. In so many corners of faith, people are stepping up to lead, collaborate and organize for love and justice in these critical and defining times. The work is always before us but we do not do it alone!
Glen Lockwood and Dani Lockwood - you both are awesome! Sporting the #SFG4UUA message right there in Boston! I love it!