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I’m not sure if I met Susan Frederick-Gray before she got arrested in Arizona or if our first conversation was how she could take her case to trial to continue to impugne Arpaio’s injustices even if it meant a conviction instead of a plea. But whenever we did meet, I was reminded of a truth I deeply believe: movement work is a spiritual practice. And time and again I have seen Rev. Susan model what it looks like to walk our prayers into the world.
Having collaborated with the association in planning its participation in the national day of non-compliance in Arizona, facilitated board planning of justice GA and been part of much of the programming and witness at it, as well as seeing UUs house us as we rode the Undocubus across the country, working with ssl to see those yellow shirts show up around the country, and celebrating the work of BLUU as it has taken formation and done heavy lifting – and also witnessing from a distance the important unearthing of how racism even still is present – I have a sense of both the potential and at least some of the pitfalls that must be navigated by UU leadership in these times.
In the time of Trump, taking the helm of any institution, but especially a faith association, and more especially one with the moral teachings and covenant of the UUs, is a very particular task. It is not business as usual. It will require strong management. It will require financial prowess. And those are things necessary to steady any ship. But it will also require a practice and a vision for navigating troubled waters, it will require prophetic voices, and it will require being part of a fleet of justice makers and world changers and steering us thru the mines in our path ahead looking to sink us.
I write this to say I have already seen Rev Susan do that. I write this to say that the work moves at the speed of trust. And trust is built thru practice and she has mine. I hope that those voting do vote for Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray.
And as a friend of the association, I want you to know many of us outside are watching with high hopes to see what happens next.

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So grateful to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix for their support in this journey.

Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray shared their event.

Excited for lunch tomorrow at 12pm after General session! Food is on us - just bring your questions and your stories. All are welcome to come and eat.
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Lunch with Susan

June 23, 2017, 12:00pm

Come have lunch with Susan Frederick-Gray, Candidate for UUA President, from 12-2pm on Friday, June 23rd. The lunch will take place in the General Assembly convention center in the Rivergate Room. Sus...

Lunch with Susan
New Hearts are filling up the Campaign Booth! Stop by the #SFG4UUA Booth to fill one out...or respond below and well fill one out for you: What do you love about being a UU? What are your dreams for the UUA?

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Gail LockwoodWhat I love about being UU is Social Justice. What I hope for the future is complete inclusion.

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Becky BowmanI love UU because it challenges me to be a better person. I hope that UU will embrace teens more by providing more support to individuals churches.

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Rev. Susan Frederick-GrayThank you, Becky!

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Come meet Susan Frederick-Gray at the GA Booth this afternoon! Shell be here from 1:30 to 3:00 and wants to hear from you about what you love about your local congregation and be able to answer your questions. #sfg4uua #uuaga

Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray shared their event.

Looking forward to meeting with you at my booth today at 1:30pm. Come with your questions, your stories or simply your presence. All are welcome.
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Visit with Susan

June 22, 2017, 1:30pm

Visit with Susan Frederick-Gray, Candidate for UUA President, in the General Assembly Exhibit Hall at Booth #307. Susan will be at the booth on Thursday, June 22nd, from 1:30-3pm and on Saturday, June...

Visit with Susan
Limited Edition Tie-Dyed SFG4UUA T-Shirts available in the booth today. First come, first serve!

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Tiffany Lipkeman Mendezlove the tie die!!! I'm too far to come visit your booth but the Mendez family sends their love!!!

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Thank you to everyone who came out for tonights event at NOSH! It was great to be with you all and talk about the future of Unitarian Universalism -- Love, Justice, Vitality! #sfg4uua #uuaga